About Shayanetemad

Shayanetemad industrial manufacturing company and factories, with more than half a century of brilliant history as a leader in the field of producing all kinds of plastic industrial parts and facilitating the sale of manufactured products, is active in the field of supplying baskets and boxes needed by dairy and aquatic industries. , food, agriculture, industrial, automobile manufacturing, etc., and in this way, while paying attention to improving the quantity and quality of products, activities, and improving processes, it has also been considered. Shayan Etemad company has increased its production potential by equipping its production lines with ultra-modern plastic injection machines that have the ability to produce parts weighing up to 15 kg, and by using first-class raw materials and mixing them with modern technology and With the help of an experienced expert workforce and with the aim of providing the best and highest quality products, it is ready to serve our dear compatriots all over our beloved country of Iran.

Reconstruction and renovation

Reconstruction and renovation services in shayanetemad are as follows:
Reconstruction of all kinds of extrusion machines (extrusion and diecast reconstruction), reconstruction of induction melting furnaces, reconstruction of oxygen gas production machines, reconstruction of nitrogen gas production machines, reconstruction of all types of planing machines (machine reconstruction), reconstruction of punching machines, reconstruction Types of lathes, rebuilding of milling machines, rebuilding of pressing machines (and brake presses), rebuilding of cutting machines, rebuilding of boring tools (rebuilding), vertical carousel lathes (rebuilding), centerless stone machines (rebuilding) machine), other grinding machines not classified elsewhere (renovation of special work machine), portable drill machine (manual), refurbishing of all kinds of fiber and spinning machines, refurbishing of various weaving machines, refurbishing of injection machines Plastic
Some other renovation and renovation services
Other grinding machines not elsewhere classified (special work machine rebuilding).
Reconstruction of all kinds of extrusion machines (extrusion and diecast reconstruction).
Rebuilding all types of lathe machines (rebuilding the machine).
Boring machine tool rebuilding (device rebuilding).

Design, manufacture and production of plastic molds

Shayanetemad company, having experienced staff and advanced machinery in the field of designing, manufacturing and producing plastic molds and plastic injection services for all kinds of industrial plastic parts, is ready to provide injection services. Plastic is respectful to the producers

Production of all kinds of plastic boxes

Shayanetemad Plastics Company offers all kinds of plastic boxes with various uses and different sizes to the market. The applications of plastic boxes include many things and because many goods are placed in plastic boxes in order to preserve and protect them from possible risks, the produced boxes should have the ability and strength of protection, for this purpose, the best types of raw materials are available. In the country, it is used in the production of plastic boxes in the prestigious company, so that they can market a suitable product that expresses the company’s name and provide the highest level of customer service.