Terms and rules

Please be sure to pay attention to the following before finalizing the order:
Order delivery time:
Non-existent products: products that have the title | Not available in stock It should be included in their description: they can be ordered and customers can register their order by contacting the sales expert by following up on their availability. It should be noted that the shipping time for non-existent products is naturally longer than for products in stock.
Available products: If the product is available, it will be loaded instantly.
Message: Don’t worry!
Shipments can be made all over the country, and if special conditions cause a delay in the process, you will be notified.
Products in pre-purchase status: products that are titled | This product is in pre-purchase status. It is included in their description: it can be ordered by customers, and the time frame of their delivery is informed in the description of that product, which may be due to some reasons (weather conditions and or reception exceeds capacity) to change.
In the descriptions of some products, there is a section titled “Important point when ordering this product”, which is intended to clear possible misunderstandings of our dear customers, and please read it.
Send/receive and track orders:
* The image of the products placed on the site is the actual image of the same product.
* In case of sending the truck by the customer, he should consider that the truck must be roofed.
* Freight shipments are post-hire (payment of shipping costs at the destination and the shipping company) and the shipping cost is calculated by the shipping company, therefore the store is not a beneficiary in any way and does not know the amount of the cost, and the follow-up in this case is done will not take
* In sending products that have free shipping conditions (in the description of those products, the title “free shipping” is included), the shipping cost of the first route to the buyer’s destination is paid by the reliable company, and additional costs include destinations of two and three routes. Also, the cost of storage at the destination is the responsibility of the buyer.
* After sending the goods, the postal or shipping receipt will be presented to the buyer by following up and requested by the reliable factory through one of the messengers mentioned on the site, and the duty of tracking and receiving the product is with the buyer, so if not Following up/answering and receiving the goods from the customer, the reliable factory does not accept any responsibility for compensation after sending the goods.
* After sending the postal/carriage receipt to the customer, the reliable factory does not bear any responsibility for the consequences of the delay (carriage/post) of receiving/delivering the goods, and the cost compensation is with the customer, so customers should be careful after receiving Receipt from a reliable factory, follow up to receive the goods on time through freight/mail.
Refund of paid fee:
* Dear customers, when placing an order, be careful to make a purchase after making sure and checking. And up to 48 hours (one working day) after placing the order and in case of non-production, they can cancel the purchase and after the approval of the store experts, after deducting the bank transaction fee, within a maximum period of 48 hours (two working days) It will be refunded to the customer’s account at the time of purchase. Otherwise, due to the order being in the “in progress” status and being included in the shipping list and entering the process of packaging and delivery to the store, it will no longer be possible to refund the order and its payment, and customers can either change the product listed in the order. Or become a creditor from the store and buy again according to the order amount at the desired time. Please note that these conditions will also include pre-purchased products.
* If, in possible cases, the product is out of stock after being registered in the customer’s order or during the order registration (due to the simultaneous and limited stock of some products), the matter will be informed by the store experts and with the agreement of the dear customer, the order will be changed to Another product (depending on the terms of credit/debt) or the refund of the amount paid will be made to the same account purchased by the customer.
*If you are a member of the customer club, the esteemed buyers can benefit from this club’s special discount.
* Respected buyers can request a product sample before buying the factory’s products.
* The delivery of the goods is at the factory door and the buyer must check the desired car before leaving the factory door and make the final decision.
* The cost of loading the shipment is free.
* To order non-existent products, they must act 20 days earlier.
Regarding used products (buying/selling)
Shayan Edemat store www.shayanetemad-en.com also sells used machines.
* In the process of selling the goods, the buyer must first become a member of the site and purchase the second-hand stock goods, then all the characteristics of the goods will be checked according to the agreement and the customer can view the information and pictures of the goods in full on the site. And to buy, the customer must contact the relevant expert.
Important note when receiving orders:
* Orders sent by freight include compensation for possible insurance damages. Dear customers, please make sure that when receiving the order from the delivery warehouse in the city, before signing, check the machine or the production shipment. If you see any damage to the product/products, “Damaged cargo” should be signed and delivered to include the payment of damages and the damage will be transferred to you by the relevant carrier