Plastic pallet

What is a plastic pallet?
Pallets are usually made of polystyrene. The strength of these pallets is less compared to wooden and metal pallets. Plastic pallets are also used for one-time use to package goods and turn them into a load unit in export activities and long-distance transportation. This type of palette can be used in food industries because it can be sterilized. It can also be used in southern and northern cities because of the humid weather. Today, companies use plastic pallets in their warehouses instead of buying metal pallets to save money. Plastic pallets, which are made of plastic with different alloys, are suitable for use in warehouses and have their own advantages. Plastic pallets do not rust and this feature makes plastic pallets the best tool for companies that are in the collection of health products. But the plastic pallet also has its own problems and it gets destroyed over time and after breaking it completely fails and cannot be repaired. Pallets can be used in all urban transportation as well as industrial and non-industrial centers. Among these centers are: loading centers and wharves, cold houses, centers for the preparation and distribution of paper products, food-cosmetics industries, warehouses for storing goods, etc.
Advantages of plastic pallets
Environmental Protection
Impact property and more resistance
Resistant to weather and temperature changes
Using different colors to separate materials, transport and storage
Ability to wash with various detergents
shapely and beautiful
Lack of penetration and concentration of insects and rodents
Load proportional to variable dimensions

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